Response Letter to Bilawski

The parenthesized paragraph at the beginning of the letter implies that Rudy Bilawski could act on a legal matter outside of his role as a partner in Neumiller & Beardslee. If you look closely at the letterhead of his May 17, 1988 letter to me (at 05/17/88 on the Timeline, “Bilawski’s Response Letter”), you will see that it is cockeyed in relationship to the body of the text. This is not what instigated my writing the content of the paragraph, for said letter’s recent posting is the first time that I noticed that it is askew. This is the case with the original as well.-Just to set the record straight on that (pun intended). Also, to set the record straight, I see that I may have gotten a bit too carried away with the Latin in the present posted response to Bilawski’s response to my April 26, 1988 letter to him.


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