Rudy Bilawski’s Response Letter

If you look at Rudy Bilawski’s response letter (to that of mine dated April 26, 1988), its main thrust is that he was not secretive nor was there, to his knowledge, any hidden agenda involved in my or my father’s legal matter. I will officially go on record right now,1 declaring that I have held back several things involving Rudy that I could site which were said and/or happened which, if true (and I would submit to a polygraph test to prove them), would make Rudy’s words appear inaccurate if not less than truthful. I have not posted these things out of respect for their confidential nature. However, if and when I decide to spill the beans, Katy bar the door!

1 If I have made a statement about said matter before, it was in a footnote, making it something less than official, be it on or off the record. “Harder to find” is a different way of saying this. Enough said. I’ll say it both ways.

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