Letter to FTB – Sacramento

This is a letter that I wrote to the Franchise Tax Board in Sacramento in response to their letter to me stating that I did not file a tax return for the year 1990.1, 2 I wrote this letter because I knew then and still do that they cherry-picked that year for a purpose which is/was unknown to me, the assumption being and having been, of course, that they have tricks up their sleeve and that I cannot take their letter at face value.3, 4 With that in mind, I decided to have some fun. Ergo, the tenor of my letter.


You notice that the attached subject 08/17/92 demand letter was sent to me from their “Personal Filing Enforcement Division.” Well, they ultimately forced me to personally file cow dung. That’s what they forced me to file. Never again did I hear from them on this.-A familiar pattern with the FTB (and IRS) when it comes to their demands and demand letters and following up with me in respect thereto.


As one can see (in the attached pdf file), on Page Two-Paragraph 1 of my letter to the FTB, I included my tagline:


I have failed and continue to refuse to file any and all income tax

           returns regardless of any requirements to do so…beginning on April 15, 1987.


Why I went on to mention the Office of the State Controller a little further down in the paragraph, I cannot recall. But I’m sure that there was some kind of method to my madness at the time. I see that I courtesy-copied said entity.


What fun it was to end my letter with the following cautionary declaration:


“Let us not forget…that there is that ever-present possibility that I do the

things that I do and have done in these matters, because I am mentally unbalanced.”


Perhaps I was mentally unbalanced at that time. Or perhaps I am mentally unbalanced now. Or maybe I was mentally unbalanced then and now as well. And forever will I be mentally unbalanced, disturbed, out of my mind, and off my gourd (having forgotten to pay my brain bill). I did write a whole slew of letters to the FTB (and IRS) after this one and to be honest, these days, to me, they all look like they were written by someone whose thinking contains two full scoops of crazy. (But they got the job done)


1 I did not include the six attached documents to said subject letter in the accompanying pdf file. However, they can all be found at their corresponding dates on the Timeline.


2 As standard procedure, I courtesy-copied other related income taxing entities around the state.-This time, ten others. These other analogous agencies share information so, as I have said elsewhere, I was networking way before its time.


3 Why do I think such dishonor on their part aimed at me? Because of my history with them and the general reason for and at the core of my letters. I’m talking about their role in the conspiracy and its attendant hidden agenda. (“Richard’s nuts.-He’s really/truly nuts!”) They could not ignore me except on the surface, sending me demand letters from time to time for show with a paper-tiger resolve. And I have proven throughout this website, at least through my correspondence and transcriptions of conversations with the FTB (and IRS), that there is something screwy about their behavior when it comes to me. (Responding to crazy with screwy.-Maybe they have a sense of humor?)

 4 I realize that what I suspected might have been going on at the FTB (and IRS) at that time regarding me may have been true then, and whatever was going on then may have been aborted sometime thereafter, and therefore, what I am talking about now with respect to the reality of the then-situation is presently obsolete. (Say what? I’m not sure I’m following this) Regardless, if my suspicions are/were founded, it matters not whether or not said state of affairs is still going on. In either case, I could own the FTB (and IRS). I just need an attorney with a big set of cojones who can show them that they cannot do what they did (and via their “continuing wrong”/cover-up, are still doing) to another human being. If there is something going on at the FTB and/or IRS related to me (and I have been told several times by both organizations that there is and was), they are legally obligated to tell me about it if others who are not in their employ and have some relationship to me (at “arm’s-length” or not), are privy to said information, and especially if I formally/in-writing ask said entity for that “intelligence.”-Let me in!

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