“The Jig is Up”

This is a letter from me to Rudy Bilawski. It was a long time coming. Rudy and his fraternal Brethren had no clue that it would spawn from their behavior, never fathomed its coming into existence.1 I had given them enough rope with my legal and personal naïveté back in the day, that they proceeded to go hang themselves.


Germānitātis penetrated. Conspirators exposed. This is the letter that finally caught the Brotherhood (and the rest of the players) with their pants down.

1That is, not unless a renegade lawyer had come on board, analyzed the evidence, and drafted such a letter for me. Unfortunately, there is/was, and never will be, such an honest attorney in human form. Fortunately, such an attorney, renegade or not (alien or not), was ultimately not needed. This letter was written by me (with the help of a friend). And the Brotherhood got made as a result.

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