Withdrawal Letter-Larry Drivon

This is Larry Drivon’s certified letter of intent to withdraw as my trial lawyer.1, 2

1 Larry actually ended up remaining on my case for an additional eighteen months. I believe that his “tactical” extended stay was a result of the unexpected death of my father, Vasken G. Berberian, on January 24, 1985. I elaborate on this theory elsewhere within this exposé. (See Timeline at 8/30/83-5/30/90, “Case File—813484.” For additional information surrounding this critical document in the curious scheme of things, see Timeline at 06/20/86, “Supplemental Exhibit”)
2 Elsewhere in the commentary on this website/exposé, I have taken a paragraph from Page 2 of Larry’s good-bye letter and made a parody out of it. I have not deleted, changed, or rearranged any of Larry’s words. The parody bears repeating, because it is fitting (to my way of thinking, of course): As soon as we have Haig’s [lawyers’]answers back, the next step would be to schedule Haig’s deposition in this matter [don’t you wish and in your dreams] and then force the matter as quickly as possible to trial [in Never Never Land]. It is not my desire to see your [phantasmal] litigation languish or go by the wayside [until after I’ve withdrawn and no other Brother will touch your imaginary case]. I believe that you will be well served by our making this decision at this time [to withdraw from a case that really does not exist] instead of waiting until we are farther down the line [playing footsie with Haig’s lawyers] and additional tactical decisions have been made which might be different than those made by another firm [which is presently] handling this matter [for your father]. Should you require and request assistance in locating another attorney, I will be more than happy to do whatever I can [to make sure that does not happen]. I will help you in any way that I can consistent with the decision of this office to obviate [and obfuscate] the successful completion of this [masturbatory litigation] matter on your behalf.

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