Certificate of Death-Vasken Berberian


This is the Certificate of Death of my father who died suddenly and unexpectedly.1 I believe that his death affected the course of events in my litigation not the least of which was an extension of Larry Drivon’s stay on my legal case. Of course, such a stratagem was not divulged to me. It is part of the “hidden agenda” to which I refer throughout this website/exposé.2

1 In my commentary throughout this website, there are various references to the fact that my lawyers did not take my father’s deposition, even though he was designated by them as my star witness. This is pretty strange in view of the fact that Rudy Bilawski advised early on that, “the last thing in the world that we want is for something to happen to your father.” So, my father’s age was a factor that should have been factored in by way of an exhaustive deposition just in case something did happen to him sooner rather than later. I do believe that advance measures were indeed taken, since my lawyers were well-aware that my father was elderly when this matter was first presented to them. In my present estimation, one precaution that was most likely taken was precisely this taking of my father’s deposition. But not by my lawyers. Actually, my lawyers should have taken my deposition in addition to my father’s. You’d think that they would want to know what I knew, if anything, about matters. But my attorneys didn’t ask me what I knew about anything, not in a deposition, not in any other way, shape or form (for my “cardboard lawsuit”). Regarding my father’s deposition, where it is legally and physically, is the two-pronged multimillion-dollar question. But then again, any such “interrogation” is useless and therefore worthless. Why? Because of me, what I knew during the early stages of the legal matter, especially what I know now, and in my opinion, most importantly, because of this exposé, which could carry the story onto the entire route of the Information Superhighway and into the deepest recesses of time and space, living on until eternity. Therefore, no lawyer anywhere at any time will ever reach into the dark nooks and alcoves of the archives, pull out, dust off, and display in any way, shape or form, any such testification. The lawyers who harbor my father’s deposition cannot lie to me about the circumstances under which the deposition was taken. And if they tell me the truth, in one fell swoop, they would castrate Rudy Bilawski, Larry Drivon, and Dr. Arnold A. Sheuerman, Jr. (to go along with their public legal disembowelment within this exposé). Said truth would expose the hidden agenda of these three men (and a bunch of others, my father included). So, I am not to know about the deposition and the circumstances under which it was taken. Thereby and therefore, I am precluded from having the opportunity to prove what the existence of said sworn statement(s) would prove. Bottom-line, such “attestation of truth,” as it were, would validate the reality of the hidden agenda on which I keep harping throughout Berberian Mystery Theatre.


 2 I have theorized in other commentary within this website/exposé how my father’s death may have affected my case and why my lawyers may have proceeded as they did after his passing. I will now explain my theory as to why I think it possible if not likely that my lawyers pulled out after the death of my father, in toto, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The following is actually my best guess as to what may have transpired. My reasoning has nothing to do with the “alleged” loss of his deposition or testimony as my star witness, for, as I have said elsewhere, I believe that legal precautions (in the way of some kind of legal deposition) were taken in that regard in case of his death. My father was elderly (72) when this whole matter got started and the lawyers, of course, were well-aware of this. Rudy Bilawski said more than once that my father was “no spring chicken.” After my father died, I believe that it is very possible that his lawyers (whoever they were) and my lawyers simply turned away and attended to all of their other cases, getting as far away from me and mine as they possibly could. (Both men were perfectly capable of making big money elsewhere. Not as uniquely and far-reaching as in the Berberian case, but big money nonetheless) Larry Drivon did stick around for an additional eighteen months after he sent me his letter of intent to withdraw. However, this tactical decision to stick around was probably to give him the time and opportunity to clean up any possible residual liability on his part and that of other Brotherhood cronies involved in the case, once my father’s death became the de facto legal disadvantage that it was. Drivon probably had to exchange some legal documents with the other side, as he did (“serious-looking” discovery, etc.), to make the appearance of his ditching my phony lawsuit more presentable when he actually made his break from it. (Of course, the other side would have accommodated Drivon’s maneuvering being that they would be all for the death of my case. I’m sure that both sides cooperated in collusion, making Drivon’s exit look good. Just as did the Judge who let Drivon abandon my case) There is some chance that Drivon and Bilawski would not have withdrawn at all had they known that my father was going to die a few months later. They would have done some rearranging of legal matters. Whatever the case may be, I theorize that my father may have died at the most inopportune time for the lawyers handling his matter, perhaps just when they were finally bringing it to a close. (I cannot put my finger on why I speculate that it would have been a passing at the worst possible moment regarding his legal matter. The answer is somewhere within my psyche. But my lawsuit’s tango-dancing with Murphy’s Law may have something to do with it) If this be the case, my litigation became a collateral-casualty. For all intents and purposes and for what it was worth, my case died along with my father. (It has crossed my mind that my lawyers were the practitioners of the “murphy’s law” occurring in my particular case as opposed to whatever type of law my litigation supposedly personified. Of course, I do not believe that my father’s death was anything less than a sad circumstance) My father’s legal matter and my legal case were joined at the hip. And I think that had the lawyers continued on with what they were clandestinely doing on his behalf (yes, after he died, as certain types of powers of attorney can live on), they could have hung themselves in a much worse way than their current naked suspension by their balls in this exposé. Eventually, I would have seen the timeline of their activities and my father’s death in relationship to it, and his death could have been easily construed as being a result of how his case was being handled. That is, juxtaposed, adjacent, and playing “hide and seek” with mine. (If my father’s death is to be partially blamed on anyone and anything, those would be he himself and his cowardice in handling the legal matter as it demanded) I do not believe that my father’s death was directly correlated with the lawyers’ handling of his case. (I do believe that it is correlated with the opposition attorneys’ behavior in the case on behalf of Haig Berberian. But more on this later) Just like an unhappy jolt in one’s life circumstances can be detrimental to the health of a person with a vulnerable heart, the same holds true for a happy big change in one’s life circumstances. Notwithstanding, the happenstance of my father’s death would make it look as though the lawyers needed to be hung and I would have had theoretical control of the gallows. I knew too much. And they could not place themselves and their law firms in that precarious position. The risk was too great. They did not trust me to refrain from making a big stink about it. (I am now speaking about any and all attorneys involved. I do not know who all of them are, most specifically those who represented my father. But I know that the whole dang bunch of them know exactly who I am) And no matter how much money and land may have been involved, the lawyers just had to fold their cards. Unfortunately, my cards got folded simultaneously. It is my unwavering belief that along with the lawyers,’ the neck of my former psychiatrist, Dr. Arnold A. Sheuerman, Jr., was cinched up in the same noose once my father died. And I believe, to save their reputations, with The Doctor’s “good name” in mind as well, the lawyers made up their minds to withdraw entirely.-Lock, stock, and barrel. Nevertheless, despite what I just said, and as implied throughout Berberian Mystery Theatre (with instinct and a willing suspension of disbelief playing their roles), I believe that my attorneys left Richard Berberian v. Haig Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank without really saying goodbye.

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