Wells Fargo Bank-Trust Agreement

This is the Trust Agreement between Wells Fargo Bank and my parents, Vasken and Rose Berberian. Vasken and Rose were the Grantors. Wells Fargo Bank was the Trustee. And I was the Beneficiary. My parents erroneously believed that the bank could be trusted.1 This document was the foundation for my legal standing to sue Wells Fargo Bank, Haig Berberian, and others, for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, deceit, constructive trust, and other crimes.2

1 One might be tempted to say that I cannot refer to the current Wells Fargo Bank as being crooked for what its trust department did fifty years ago. However, I do, in fact, brand them legally “untrustworthy,” because I know of no time that they admitted to their crimes, and they continue their conspiracy with “Haig Berberian” (the man and the entity) and “Haig Berberian’s” lawyers to this day. Their crimes live on unexpiated. I waited three years for Wells Fargo to make amends after my discovery of their fraud. And I had to ultimately file suit just in time to toll the statute for fraud committed (that is, prior to three years after my discovery thereof). And after that, the bank still made no effort to rectify the matter with me. My attorney received no phone call. And I received no conciliatory phone call or letter when I was on my own, representing myself as an in pro per. Therefore, their wrong-doing continues (a “continuing wrong,” legally-speaking) and they can be rightly defined as a deceitful fraudulent bank (emphasis added). 
2 In 1960, Wells Fargo Bank merged with American Trust Company to become “Wells Fargo Bank American Trust Company.” In 1962, the bank shortened its name, once again returning to “Wells Fargo Bank.” I do not know the particulars with respect to how the merger unfolded. Therefore, I do not know why the 1963 Trust Agreement has the language in Item 1 of the Schedule (page 14) referring to “American Trust Company.” However, I would wager to guess that there were irregularities during that transformation (which warranted Item 1 of the Schedule) that affected the merger of my parents’ trust with the affectations spawned by the marriage between the two untrustworthy banks.

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