Comes now, Richard Berberian, with Berberian Mystery Theatre. This is a website/exposé revolving around a very unique psychodrama spawned by the one-of-a-kind legal case filed in San Francisco County Superior Court: Richard Berberian v. Haig Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank. I am not first duly sworn upon oath, but I swear by this story like-no-other notwithstanding.


The legend of Berberian Mystery Theatre is one of conspiracy and its hidden agenda, the exact purpose of which, to me, is factually, mostly unknown. The documented account presented herein is based on evidence and narrated in a timeline dating back to 1963. This “whodunit” saga has a history of “coincidences” that are critical to the storyline. In fact, this curious synchronicity defines and embodies much of the mystery.


At the beginning of each chapter, you will be provided with an introduction (my personal self-written commentary) and a link to a PDF (attendant authenticating documents) which chronicles the storied history of this true and truly enigmatic narrative as it has happened.


And so it begins….