Visit to IRS – Modesto

This is a transcription of an undisclosed recording that I made of a discussion between me and two employees of the Modesto office of the Internal Revenue Service, one of which is (or was at the time) the head honcho there.1


As a matter of background, on June 20, 1986, the day that a San Francisco County Superior Court judge ruled to let my lawyer, Larry Drivon, abandon my lawsuit, the two of them thereby set me free. Larry and the Judge forced me into an “in pro per” status. That is, against my will, I became my own lawyer. As such, I decided that it was high time for me to start “spreadin’ the news” about the existence of my case. I had been religious about keeping the matter secret up until that day, although I had hinted if not outright promised the players over the years that if my family’s legal matter was not taken care of properly, I might do something in the way of publicity and the tax authorities.2 Being that I believed if not knew that “something else was going on” outside of my lawsuit, a hidden agenda was taking place which was adversely affecting my suit, and being that Drivon leaving the case was an ominous sign, I decided to keep my promise to those who were interested and watching my “secretive” lawsuit and my dealing with it in propria persona. Me, myself and I were finally on the move. A renegade client (albeit erstwhile) was on the loose.


On my own, for the first year, other than tell a bunch of friends and acquaintances for the first time about the existence of my lawsuit, I didn’t do much. I did do further research, gathering of facts and data, supplementing that which I had done over the previous five plus years. But I was essentially waiting and hoping that something would happen as a result of that “something else going on” that was going on. No, to my way of thinking, Larry Drivon’s exit was no final chapter in my case. I was a true believer in the hidden agenda that was taking place in relationship to my suit, within and without.3 Because no news broke in any way, shape or form regarding that secret agenda, the first step that I took was on “Tax Day,” April 15, 1987. I sent to the head agent at the IRS in Fresno (courtesy copies being mailed as well to the local and various other branches of the IRS, FTB, SSA, and other government agencies), a letter providing them as many social security and tax identifications numbers as I could dig up belonging to the players and Haig Berberian-related entities, and all sorts of other information and documents that I believed may be of interest to these governmental organizations. (No, I did not include the social security numbers nor any other information about the Brotherhood-attorneys involved in my legal matter. That would not be pertinent unless some Brother got compensated in advance from involvement in my family’s legal matter, did not declare the assets, and I knew about it. And that was not the case) My letter was several pages long with a hundred or more pages of attached documents. Over the next several years, I sent a dozen or more such letters (some with attachments totaling three to four hundred pages, the “kitchen sink,” as it were, though most of the letters themselves were fairly concise), advising the IRS (with perhaps a dozen or more courtesy-copied tax-oriented entities) of anything and everything that I could find that might interest them, including those things which might interest them in me. (I will post some of these letters in due course, including the attachments, once the borders of cyberspace are broadened regarding to the latter 4)


I believe that the IRS, et al. had never seen anything like my mailing campaign, because it was so outrageous, mind-boggling, voluminous, and thorough. I do not think that even IRS-hating people and any organizations connected to them have done anything similar. However, these were not hate letters. I do not hate the IRS nor do I think that people should not pay their taxes.5, 6 (That is, they should pay their taxes unless they have a good reason not to like me. Which requires some idiocy. A bit of craziness. Being off their gourd) From my perspective, my letters were informational. (From their perspective, a “nut-case” was badgering them regarding his nut case. So be it. More power to them. I didn’t give a shit and still don’t)


Here is where I lose some of my audience and a bunch of respect, if any I have out there, for my cause célèbre. What I am about to say has already basically been indicated. Keep in mind, however, that it’s not like I’ve tried to hide from the IRS. If nothing else, as should be evident, just the opposite is true. I have tried to be found by them. In most every letter that I wrote to the IRS, FTB, SSA, et al., on the first page, front and center, in bold print, I declared the following: “I have failed and refused to file any and all state and federal income tax returns and I have avoided and evaded paying any and all state and federal income taxes for the years 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, to date.” (The failing and refusing continues to this day. That being said, I’d like to invite both the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board to a party in my pants:)


Do you want to know a secret? I have been ignored by all recipients. Yes, I got a few letters back from some of them. And a few liens were filed by the FTB. But nothing came of any of it. The liens disappeared. And if they’re still out there, they aren’t making a peep. No one has seriously come after me for non-filing of income tax returns and no one has seriously come after me for non-payment of income taxes. Not to imply that I was looking for attention, but over the years, these agencies have essentially acted like they do not know that I exist. (Because these organizations and the people working for them were and are dishonest when it comes to Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank, all of my letters to them were either sent registered or certified with “return receipt requested,” so I would have proof of receipt) Taunting them to come after me, in my correspondence, I eventually addressed said institutions as “paper tigers.” Because of the persons connected to the matters involved in my lawsuit, and what I have done with the lawsuit (i.e., having splattered it all over the place), said nomenclature was, is, and continues to be, an apt description of the IRS and FTB when it comes to me.7 The powers that be in my case and my family’s legal matter as a whole have the IRS and FTB, et al. in a chokehold. “Oh, Richard’s crazy and has delusions of grandeur.” Hey, even crazy people have to file returns and pay taxes. (By the way, I fully expect the IRS or FTB or both to make a token appearance in my life now that Berberian Mystery Theatre is in existence and posting the sham/shenanigans that have been going on over the past three decades in that they have been ignoring me and my “fail and refuse to file and pay, so come-and-get-me show.” They can’t let me get away with this now that the world is theoretically, and cyberspace-wise literally, watching)


Why did I become a mad “serial mailer,” whistle-blowing my own “tax protesting” ways? Was there a method to my serial mailing madness? The word “obviate” comes to mind. (For clarification, see Timeline at 06/20/86, “Supplemental Exhibit,” the commentary thereto) One reason was that I wanted to gum up the works. Revenge, if you will. I knew that taxes would be a most-important fear-factor relating to any parties “negotiating” what was defrauded and stolen from my family. Were such a transfer of assets to happen, I believe(d) that taxes would be a touchy element involved in the way said monies would be given back, or “laundered back,” as the case may have warranted. (Money laundering in reverse is still a crime according to the IRS. That is, according to the IRS when not involved in Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank) The main reason that I embarked on this IRS/FTB/SSA information “blast,” was to prove, at least to myself, that the hidden agenda (“something else going on” regarding my family’s case as a whole, involving my father, which was adversely affecting my case) involved my social security number.8 I continue to believe this to be true. And in my letters, I was asking each and every one of the recipients what they might know about the matter. Since I was getting nothing out of them except deafening silence, in my mind, they became “colluders” with the powers that be in my legal case or my family’s legal case as a whole. (The IRS’ compliance with my non-compliance as indicated above, to me, is/was evidence that I was and am correct. IRS and FTB behavior toward me during the past quarter of a century, in my world, isn’t explicable in any other way. And I have proven with this IRS/FTB dog and pony show of mine that sometimes people who owe taxes do not owe taxes. Makes sense to me) 9  


I stated in some of the letters that if and when they did call on me to come in for failure to file returns and pay taxes (and I did get called in once by my local office, but I did not show up and that was the end of that 10), I vowed to audio and video-record the audit (allowable per IRS rules), bring with me a witness (who would operate said recording equipment), and to ask probing questions that involved my social security number in relationship to the hidden agenda, the gist of my hidden agenda theory having been explained in said letters’ attached documents.11 (Of course, if the IRS were involved like I believed they necessarily had to be, their involvement would not be “collusion” or part of a “secret agenda” from their perspective, but rather, unfinished residual tax matters relating to various Berberian-affiliated parties and entities connected to the erstwhile Berberian family business. If so, as I have been told, then they can stick that perspective up their tax/ass-backwards way of [not] dealing with me) I advised that I would also be prepared to ask about my father’s social security number in reference to the hidden agenda, his social being even more likely involved than mine.12 (My father died in 1985. Therefore, I would have some right to the information) Of course, the IRS would neither be prepared nor willing to answer any such questions (being the hidden agenda player that they are and were), and to my way of thinking, this is why my onslaught of questions and documents and my “show” as a whole is so toxic to them.13 (“I am waiting, guys. Go ahead, make my day. Do you feel lucky? Well, do you punks?”)  


Other than some variation of the hypotheses above (a “variation” thereof because I know that I can’t be exactly right), why else would they ignore my big bold declarations of tax protester status? No one has failed and refused to file returns and pay taxes as transparently and publically as I have. This is also why I claim that there are big people involved in my matter and/or that of my father. The order to ignore me has to have high-level approval. And that authority has to reach all the way up to and all the way back from the IRS headquarters in Washington D.C., said head branch always being one of the recipients of the tomes that I sent out regarding Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank.14 Did these efforts gum up the works? I haven’t a clue. When the friend who helped me so much with my case came aboard, and my letters got more serious and sound, and with attendant court documents and rational legal explanations of the hidden agenda (including discussion of res judicata, a legal doctrine that mysteriously popped up in my case), did I then begin to gum up the works? Again, I have no clue. By “gumming up the works,” I mean, causing problems for the players with the IRS, et al. that might result in anguish for them in retaliation for the hell that they put me through. (Come on, folks. Could screwball me accomplish such long-term behavioral changes in the IRS and their dealings with The Brotherhood? One can’t have it both ways) At the gut of all of this, I was and am just imploring these players-in-the-know for some answers to which I believe that I am entitled. In so doing, however, there is a chance that I killed the matter off, alpha and omega.


The commentary above is some of the background that I referenced at the outset of same regarding the subject “encounter” reflected in the attached transcript. There is a distinct history here between me and the IRS. The local head agent (designated as “FP” in the transcript) knows exactly who I am during the posted discussion. Admittedly, she does not try to hide it, once I broach the subject. (See my last comment on Page Twelve of the attached transcript in order to go directly to my introductory alluding reference to the hidden agenda and the ensuing discussion thereof 15) FP implies that there is nothing she could do about the matters discussed in my letters.16 She probably thought that I wanted her and the IRS to reach into Haig Berberian’s pocket and return my money. Not so. If this is what she thought, she did not read my letters closely enough. As indicated above, over the years, in my letters, I was just expressing strong interest in knowing everything that was going on with my name and social security number, because I thought that the IRS had to be involved in the hidden agenda in some way, shape or form. And like I said, I believe that I have every right to this information. In fact, I know it. And the implied “suggestion” in my letters is that if I ever find out that the IRS withheld any information about which they should have notified me during their (now) triple decade-long dealing me the silent treatment, they will get sued by me and/or mega-publicity about the matter. And they know it. I am sure that any hidden agenda players connected to them know it as well. The IRS and related entities could see what I had already done in the publicity department with their organizations alone. And the hidden agenda players’ names and legal movements were right there, smack-dab in the middle of most every document. And on August 1, 1987, the day that I first told my above-referenced friend and confidante about my legal case, I had someone on my side who, if he so chose, could actually get that publicity extravaganza accomplished in a very serious way. The behavior of the IRS described herein-above implies that they are scared of me, no. Leery of me, yes. It is evident that they are copycatting my behavior. They have been “avoiding and evading” me since 1987.


Now I will address the subject IRS transcript (in the attached pdf) more formally. On this day, November 8, 1994, I go down to the local IRS for something, but I cannot recall at the moment just what I was after. I’m sure that I am up to one of my tricks. You can count on that. Actually, looking at the transcript, I guess I am doing exactly what I have said that I was doing. I want to obtain everything the IRS has, all things connected to me and my social security number. And, as indicated at the outset of this commentary, I end up in a discussion with the head agent, the “Revenue Agent Audit Manager,” to be exact. (I had gone out to my car for something [probably to turn the microcassette tape over–shhh, keep it under your hat] and when I came back, voila!, FP had joined “BT,” the girl I had been talking to a few minutes before.17 Again, this head honcho who galloped into the conversation is designated as “FP” in the transcript) During the course of the discussion, she advises me that my records are being sent over from the District Office in San Jose. I do not know just why they are being sent to Modesto. I wonder if it has to do with tax returns and taxes and the absence of both my filing the former and paying the latter. You think? It is very curious that my files are en route to Modesto from San Jose at the very time when I am in the process of trying to obtain, by way of the Freedom of Information Act, all that the IRS has on me at the San Jose District Office. That is, at the time, I was trying to obtain all that they must release to me in order to comply with the FIA. This is why you see the effort on my part during the discussion to extract from FP just what in particular San Jose might not send. What they do not send is what would be of most interest to me.18 I knew that what is/was left there in San Jose removed any there there that came here. What stayed in San Jose, they would not want me to know about (makes sense), and assuredly fell into the FIA informational territory. But FP is not helpful in this regard, saying that she hasn’t a clue what would stay behind. Perhaps she will know when my files arrive. (I believe her by the way. Her superiors have fed her a line of bull. She may even know it. But were she to ask a question bordering on cross-examination, the ex-Revenue Agent Audit Manager, she would be)


After the materials do arrive, FP sends me a letter asking me to come in. (This is the one-time request for my appearance by the IRS which I alluded to above) I do not show and this is the end of the matter not only for her, but that of the San Jose District Office which sent her the records, the superiors who watch over her, from whom she takes orders, to whom she has to answer.19 So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good-bye. They all disappear.20


Folks, the Revenue Agent Audit Manager sends me said letter referenced above with her home address as the return address on the envelope.-Unprecedented. IRS agents’ home addresses are guarded, closely-held secrets, right up there next to the whereabouts of those in the federal Witness Protection Program. Not one single person in the whole wide world would believe this particular ingredient of my story unless they were witnessing the experience right along with me. Not to worry. I have optical empirical evidence. Seeing is believing (unless the skeptical non-believer believes that he or she has lying eyes in addition to his or her room temperature I.Q.). I have the original letter and the original “personalized” envelope in which came FP’s request that I come in presumably for an audit of sorts.21 Copies of both are posted for viewing. (Said letter and envelope follow the transcript in the attached pdf. The return address on the envelope is no longer FP’s home address. If it were, I would not be posting it.22) Maybe she was inadvertently, subconsciously flirting with me on this mission impossible? Hey, it’s a nice fantasy that I charmed her with my good looks. Sorry, but even in my fantasy world, it’s not gonna happen. Can’t get around the fact that I’m not that good-looking. Perhaps it was my personality.


After reviewing the attached documentary evidence, if anyone has any doubts that something exceptional is going on with the IRS (and FTB, et al.) in relationship to me, especially in view of the fact that over the past twenty-five plus years, I have sent various branches of the IRS (including the local branch and specifically the aforementioned IRS agent), a dozen or so “tomes” advising them in bold, underlined, italicized font that since 1987, I have failed and refused to file any and all federal and state income tax returns and I have avoided and evaded paying any and all federal and state income taxes, then, with his or her cognitive estrangement and willing suspension of disbelief (or is it the other way around), the disbeliever is evidently neither interested enough in nor smart enough to understand and address the issue in the first place.


The behavior of the Internal Revenue Service regarding me indicates that they know exactly who I am. I am a non-filer of tax returns and a non-payer of income taxes. That’s a given. It is also a no-brainer that their behavior indicates that they have never actually had any serious intentions of doing anything about it. Why? You tell me. The reasons are surely to be found within the borders of Berberian Mystery Theatre. Happy hunting.

1 From time to time, you will see within the text of the transcript, the words, “memory lapse.” At the time, I had planned to make the transcript a part of another one of my mass mailings. And the “memory lapse” designation was an undesignated joke for spots in the recording of the conversation wherein the words were either inaudible or undistinguishable as opposed to the supposed lapse in my recall of every utterance in the entire discussion. In other words, I didn’t record the conversation (not!).


2 The players got a veiled forewarning of what was yet to come if I didn’t get some justice in the matter, which required some honesty. And I didn’t get the latter, so I didn’t get the former. I read in the paper sometime after September of 1980 when this matter came into existence, that a guy wanted to get revenge on a friend or business partner or someone who cheated with the would-be avenger’s wife. (I can’t recall just who was the object of his ire. But I’ve got the article someplace. When I find it, I’ll post it. And when I post it, I’ll remove this notation that I’ll post it when I find it.-I think my anal-retentiveness might be showing) What the guy did to avenge the wrongdoing was to send a nude picture of his adversary’s wife to all of the adversary’s neighbors. (I can’t recall the source of the nude picture. Perhaps they were friends as far as nude spousal pictures go, but cheating was crossing the line) I thought the article was funny. But both instinctively and instinctually (if there’s any difference), I knew that there was an idea of sorts in the story for me to employ with regard to the players involved in my pending lawsuit and the lawsuit itself once instituted. So, without comment, I sent the article to some of them. The message was that I endorsed the idea and might utilize it in my relationship with them in some other way. (I would never do the nude picture thing. I’m not that bad. Though I’m sure that the nude spouse picture might be preferable to some of the players over what I did do) The way I put the idea into action was my solicitation packages which I sent to 1200 lawyers. That was 10% of the law firms in California at the time. By sending out those packages (which included my description of the naked truth about the hidden agenda), I was essentially exposing the Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank players in their legal birthday suits to a ton of their Brothers. (Of course, 99.9% of the lawyers who received it, knew approximately what the Brothers in my case were up to. The brightest minds knew with exactitude. And I’m sure that they were all impressed with the ingenuity, giving it an 100% approval rating. Kudos to the Brothers involved in my case from The Brotherhood!) I’m quite positive that there were a great number of the solicited Brothers who would then have had to be brought into the loop of the participating Brothers’ incestuous game. And any know-it-all “hot shot” loser lawyers who, in some form or fashion wanted in, and who the Brothers involved did not want to bring in, in any way, shape or from, had to be threatened in some way to keep their nose out of it. (Payback is so delicious) This is all conjecture, of course. But the scenario is very possible, if it doesn’t, in fact, stand to reason. In the early days, I gave another more understandable warning of the same general sort. What I did was to send to some of the players a long list of addresses without the entities that were located thereon (or is it thereat?). This was way before the Internet was in existence and therefore the addresses couldn’t be “Googled.” Reverse directories would have to have been utilized. The addresses belonged to various branches of the IRS, FTB, SSA, and other entities which might get involved were they on notice about the matter. This was a tease that I eventually acted upon and brought into reality, because of the players’ ultimate dishonesty in the matter when it came to me. (I was willing to put up with six point five years of dishonesty, but not a minute more. The players had to pay a price that would bring me some element of satisfaction after so many agonizing tortuous years) The players were warned in advance about the tax collectors being a part of my plans. I was saying that there could be a plan of action that would accommodate whatever method there was to my madness. I was a “court jester” of sorts. (A good many of my letters, including some of the IRS-related ones, and details of my activities in response to all of the dishonesty, did make their way into the Stanislaus and San Francisco County court files) Last and least, I sent another warning, albeit a playful one, to just my local personal and trust attorney (albeit, without question, a conspirator). I sent to him a bunch of phony law firm names that I clipped off of different samples of stationary which I obtained from a paper company that catered mostly to law firms. I just tossed them in loosely with some other correspondence that I’d sent to him. This was at a time when my trial lawyer was supposedly on his way out, but not really on his way out just yet. The implication was that, in advance of Larry Drivon’s departure, I was contacting all sorts of law firms for my case. Though the addresses belonged to phony firms in various states, which should have given me away, my personal/trust attorney asked me what that was about (among the many crazy things that I did about which he didn’t ask). I replied: “Gotcha!” I told him the truth in a reply letter. What fun. He was relatively young. A more experienced attorney wouldn’t have bitten. I wasn’t contacting any other law firms to replace my trial attorney. I was still loyal to a fault to all of the lawyer/players involved.
3 The reason that I believe now and believed then in my hidden agenda theory so strongly is because said theory was in fact, and in every other way as well, drilled into my psyche over a four-year period by and through my psychiatrist, Arnold A. Sheuerman, Jr., M.D. of Stockton, California. I left his care in latter 1984, two years prior to Larry’s exit from my case. Notwithstanding, the premise lived on in my mind. It is still here, up here in my noggin, living on in ad infinitum. The theory has no other place to go and my brain has essentially nothing else of intellectual importance on its plate. The big question is whether or not The Doctor instilled into me a life lie which has its grip on me and just won’t let me go. I believe that the answer is yes, and accounts for The Doctor’s behavior after I left his care. (See The Hypocratic Doctor at 07/06/96 on the Timeline)
4 With the infamous “Twinkie defense” in criminal matters as a model (wherein you raise any and all defenses to a crime within some form of reason, hoping something will stick), I engaged in a “Twinkie offense.” Since I didn’t know what was important and what was not, I threw the kitchen sink into these letters. (Perhaps some IRS or other government agent might take it home to curl up in bed with it?) Additionally, one of my modus operandi was to do the opposite of what someone else or some entity was doing to me. When it came to my lawsuit, my trial attorney spoke to two attorneys over eighteen months in order (with a wink and a nod) to find me successor counsel. Ultimately, when nothing came of it, it was my turn. I sent my case to be reviewed by 1200 attorneys all over California and elsewhere. (Well, that’s not exactly the opposite of, but 600 times as many) In the present matter, along with everyone else, the IRS (and FTB, et al.) did not address in specific terms any letter that I had sent to them, if they responded at all. Ultimately, they were telling me nothing. So, in these tomes that I was sending out, I told everybody everything. I got naked. (And what an ugly sight that is and was)
5 I do not hate the IRS, the FTB, the SSA, or any other governmental organization, or any of their personnel. To me, with regard to the IRS, they are always willing to work with taxpayers (and non-taxpayers) to help resolve any problems. (Of course, because of my legal case, I am an extraordinary case and not just anybody can get away with my antics. In fact, I am the only one that I know of) As you can see in the transcript, FP is still willing to work with me even though I have been “protesting,” so to speak, since 1987. That was a total of eight years at the time. If you look at FP’s first comment at the top of Page Eleven, you will see that she says, “most people prefer to comply with the law.” And I respond: “Right. But why would you let anybody not comply with the law, is what I’m asking.” Right now, here I am, twenty years hence, asking the same question. It has been a quarter of a century since I last filed a tax return and paid taxes. Mind-boggling, if you ask me. Actually, someone who has been sent to prison for non-compliance is who best be asked. (The name, Wesley Snipes, is one name that comes to mind) I’m sure that we’d get potent cogent comments from him or her regarding my situation. (I probably shouldn’t have used my situation as an example of a taxpayer-friendly IRS, because, as I continue to say, I am a one-of-a-kind case) Regarding FP, she responds to my question about the IRS complying with my non-compliance (and mind you, the IRS has been complying with my non-compliance of IRS law, intentionally so, and FP knows it) by saying that she doesn’t “really wanna argue semantics about any of this.” My question was not semantic or pedantic or sycophantic or romantic. My question was on topic. It was about moi, yours truly, me: Why are you, the IRS, letting me get away with this?! FP was not about to answer that question. All I am saying now (and it was really the same back in 1994 and before), is that I will comply with the law when I know that the hidden agenda players are complying with the IRS and its tax laws regarding me and/or my family as a whole and I am provided some of the most important basic information that I have been requesting from them and the IRS (two peas in a pod) over the years. I am not asking for everything nor anything unreasonable. I don’t need to know how anything was done or why it was done, who did it, where and when. I just need to know that the matter is properly being taken care of. Is this too much to ask? (Of course, it goes without saying that answering any such questions honestly would necessitate having to clue me in on the hidden agenda as well. And that means, I’ll never know much more than diddly-squat) I will also comply with the IRS when it forces me to do so. Jail-time might be that impetus. But not threats and not seizing this or that. (And I’d want to get the arrest on video. I’d make a big public stink about it) Notwithstanding, this whole IRS matter is a charade. At the behest of the hidden agenda players, the IRS is riding out the statutes in their case against me like the hidden agenda player it is. I am referring to statutes involving the tax issues relating to me and the hidden agenda surrounding my lawsuit and/or those of my father and his hidden agenda matters which are joined at the hip with mine. And the rest of the secret agenda players, most notably The Brotherhood, are presently riding out the statutes pertaining to the applicable Civil (and perhaps Criminal) Code(s) of Law in reference to me and my lawsuit and/or my father and his legal matter (assuming that his is not essentially one and the same with mine or identical as res judicata defines the matter), and riding out said statutes with respect to the players’ behavior in regard to all of the above. Of course, when I am sure that those laws have been complied with, I will have the information at the forefront of my motivation to play cat and mouse with the IRS (I’m the cat and they’re the mouse), information telling me that something is or was indeed going on relating to me and the issues raised in my lawsuit and just what that “something going on” is or was. Again, is this too much to ask?
6 Actually, in a way, I should consider the IRS my friend, as they are the enemy of my enemy. (In a perfect world, that is. Only in my dreams)
7 Calling the IRS and FTB recipients of my letters “paper tigers” was just my way of rubbing it in their faces that they were, are, and continue to be, in bed with the conspirators. And by sending the letters to all sorts of IRS and FTB branches in different cities from California to Washington D.C. (all having some kind of legal and/or tax-related connection thereto), as I have said elsewhere, I was forcing them to bring a host of others into the loop. I was hoping to make a mess of things. This was not going to be a neat and tidy conspiracy if I could help it, not if I had anything to say about it. (And boy, did I have some things to say about it.-See Berberian Mystery Theatre). 
8 I believe(d) this despite the fact that my psychiatrist at the time (Dr. Arnold A. Sheuerman, Jr. of Stockton), when he decided to don his “accountant” hat, told me that what assets I might gain out of the lawsuit would not be taxable. What, lawsuit money never ever involves recipient tax-paying activity? Or my particular kind? How would he know? Notwithstanding, I believed him. But then again, my “fetish” with the IRS and other tax-collecting agencies tends to make it appear as if I took his words with a grain of salt. To a degree, this is true. And part of me believed and continues to believe that since The Doctor imparted this information to me some two years before I had filed suit, he was referring to assets coming out of an active fruit-bearing “conspiracy of silence” which he knew about and understood, but failed and refused to divulge to me. So why not spoil the party to which I was rudely, if not cruelly, not invited. And besides, my social security number could be involved even if paying taxes on any resulting loot is not. And like I stated elsewhere, my father’s social security number and my mother’s as well, could be or have been involved. In fact, more likely so. And I made their socials a part of my letters too. I believe that I can count on one thing. If there is a sensitive issue that the players don’t want me sticking my nose into, it makes all the sense in the world that I should stick my big proboscis into just that if I want to piss them off. Oops! Another ulterior motive of mine spews out and becomes transparent to the world.
9 If per chance the IRS was not involved, I wanted to make sure that they got involved. ‘Twas my patriotic duty to see that they were. I’m just so sure that the hidden agenda players felt the same, all of them being upstanding citizens and most of them being “Officers of the Court” and all. I mean, maybe the IRS was not interested in the “pocket change,” relatively speaking, that they weren’t getting from me. But they surely would be interested in the multimillions most likely involved in the Berberian legal matter as a whole. Right? “Wrong” is the operative word when it comes to the IRS in its relationship to Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank. They aren’t and weren’t right for each other in a most incestuous way. Though I have to say, my lawsuit sure looked arrested, babbling, crackbrained and mongoloid. (Political correctness is not to be found in Berberian Mystery Theatre. The rules of engagement include irreverency regarding everything and everyone, including yours truly)
10 A preliminary discussion of this matter can be found in the attached transcription. In fact, the discussion is a precursor to my being called into the local IRS office by way of a letter sent to me from the head of the local IRS office to whom I have been referring as “FP.” If you look at Page Thirteen of the transcript, you will see that FP states that she did, in fact, call me once regarding one of my letters. She also declares that she did not have to call me, that she took it upon herself to do so. Folks, if I receive an answering machine message from someone (alias, “Ted Harrison,” though I didn’t know if it was an alias or not), and he says that he’s with the IRS and wants me to call or come down to the local office to meet with him, I bring this phone call to FP’s attention (as well as numerous other branches of the IRS), enclosing with my letter to her a cassette tape recording so she can hear the message for herself, does she not have an obligation to contact me to say that there is no such IRS agent in this IRS district or region? Someone had to contact me to say so. So, who’s the honest one here? And she replied to me by way of an answering machine message rather than committing it to print. Not to worry. I’m sure that I’ve got a cassette copy of her message along with that of “Ted Harrison” in my archives. The guy may indeed exist, but not in my IRS district. He never called again. Nevertheless, if he mysteriously re-enters my life one of these days, then IRS shenanigans and “hanky-panky” back in the day and one of these days, will instantly become a verified foregone conclusion. 
11 Were the IRS only interested in certain years of my non-filing, I was prepared to ask them (and they would be prepared not to answer), why certain years should be of no interest. (I believe that only certain years would be looked at, because they had only sent me notices sporadically over the years, during which time my income did not vary very much. By the way, nothing came of the notices) “And what about this year, and this year, and this year? Explain in detail, please. (Audio and video still rolling).” Yes, it would be a fishing expedition and I would be using a dragnet to drag their cesspool of secrets. They knew about all of the years of my non-filing, which were in a continuum, because my letters over the years had brought it to their attention at least ten times over in bold italicized underlined print on Page One. “Address that and maybe we’ll talk turkey. I might even turn the video camera off. But not before your close-up.”
12 I’d like to make notation of the fact that my father and uncles’ nine-digit social security numbers differed by only one of the nine digits, the very last. (021-07-7511: Jim/Vasken. 021-07-7512: Haig/Haygaz) I’m sure that this made it quite easy for Peter Jeppson, Haig’s fat-assed greasy smelly rotund accountant with continuously batting-blinking eyes, to transpose the final digit on the two brothers’ Tax I.D.’s on various documents submitted to the IRS and FTB in order to accomplish his falsified fraudulent phony fake felonious accounting on Haig Berberian’s behalf. You can bank on it. The two of them did, with Wells Fargo Bank’s blessing. (And with the blessing of Atherton & Associates and Arthur Anderson as well.-Haig’s Modesto and San Francisco accounting firms respectively)
13 I anticipate that a most toxic issue that I have promised in some of my letters to address when speaking with the IRS, is a 1976 audit of my father (after some money changed hands between him and his brother), in which the IRS agent/auditor “mole” was bribed to look the other way. Such is the reason for some of the “weirdness” of this case. That is all that I will say about the matter now. However, keep an eye out for that turning point when I post some of the documentary evidence in this regard. (One hint as to the mole’s identity. He might like music with much use of the fue
14 The assumption is that the number and thickness of said tomes that they received from me just could not be ignored, especially with my admission of multi-year non-compliance staring at them in bold letters on Page One. Additionally, I did not mail out any blind courtesy copies, so each recipient knew who else received a copy of the correspondence. The recipients had to at least have exchanged some thoughts, if not notes or information, even if one person were to head up taking care of the tomes sent to them by mad serial-mailer me. My efforts had to have caused some kind of stink to enter the snout of the IRS. I sent them a lot of shit.
15 I do not believe that FP would be in the loop of the legal matter connected to my situation. However, in said loop, someone in the San Jose District Office would be. (And someone in the District Office is on the payroll of the powers that be on either or both sides of the legal matter that I have been addressing throughout this exposé. No one does favors and/or breaks the law in this matter without compensation. He who does is not human) FP would do as she is told by a superior in San Jose, even if so doing were out of the ordinary. For the most part, FP probably thinks that I am off my rocker. Fine. Maybe so. Time will tell. (Perhaps in another quarter of a century) Am I out to lunch or am I on course for finally eating for breakfast the conspirators involved in the hidden agenda? Unfortunately, after thirty-plus years, the players are dropping like flies. So I might have to settle for brunch. (No, it doesn’t really make sense. But it sounds like it does. They call it a non sequitur. Just like a lot of the stuff that I say in here. I once told Larry Drivon in a letter: “Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream things that never were and prove why.” Is that what I’m doing here with the “hidden agenda” in, around, and throughout Berberian Mystery Theatre?) 
16 Uh-oh. I gave it away that the IRS Agent I deal with in the transcript is a “she.” This website is in real time. Therefore, presto change-o, I could change all references to her into “he/she.” But that would look stupid. And somebody glancing at this chapter might think she’s an “it.” So, I’ll let it be. 
17 BT took longer than just a few minutes and I waited for a while before I went to my car. I had noticed a camera up in the corner of the room near the ceiling. So, as I waited, I decided to just stand there and stare into the camera. Mr. Paranoia was having some fun. If someone was watching me (look, there’s the weirdo!), nice. If not, no harm done. (See, were I completed off my rocker, “not watching me” wouldn’t have been a possibility in my mind)
18 If the IRS does ultimately call me for an audit, I have plans to make it an honest one. In keeping with the same line of thinking (and seeking a teensy-weensy bit of payback at the same time), if they want to audit this year and this year and this year, I’ll ask on tape why they are not auditing, and more importantly, did not in the past audit, that year and that year and that year. Why not every year? The whole show. All thirty years. I did not file and have not filed returns nor paid taxes since 1986. And they’d better have some good answers. Why? Because I’ll be sharing the experience (audio and perhaps video) with the world at Berberian Mystery Theatre. Maybe I’ll get called in after the law changes and audiotaping an audit is no longer allowed. Now that would be Murphy’s Law. Or perhaps it smacks of clinical megalomania and “delusions of grandeur.” (IRS.-I’m waiting)
19 The reason that I did not set up an appointment to go in is not that I was afraid of an audit. Were I afraid of an audit, I wouldn’t have sent to the IRS a dozen or so letters telling them that I was in non-compliance. I decided not to go in because there was some kind of set-up going on, a trap of some sort being laid out. In Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank, of which my relationship to the IRS is and was a part, there are no coincidences. I am referring to San Jose’s curious “synchronistic” sending of my records to the Modesto office just when I am trying, by way of the Freedom of Information Act, to get from them the records as they then existed in San Jose. I want all of it sent directly to me from the District Office by and through the FOIA. By said office sending my/their records to the Modesto branch, they were selectively dividing the records. By dividing the records, they keep me guessing and conquer the issue. As FP states in the transcript, she does not know what would remain in San Jose. And once she actually does receive whatever is sent to her from San Jose, she still won’t know what was left behind, or rather “held back,” as the case would be. No one will know just what’s here in Modesto and no one will know just what’s there in San Jose. Then “subtraction,” “missing,” “error,” and God knows what else, purposely comes into play by those who know the whole picture and how to frame it for their purposes as opposed to mine. That is the set-up of some kind. That is the trap of some sort. That is what I would have gotten from the IRS-Modesto and the IRS-San Jose. Mitigated culpability. And I would have no part of it. The Internal Revenue Service, no matter where they are, what city they’re in, can stick their chess-board move(s) forever up their collective ass. End of story.-Fade to black.
20 Had I not recorded my conversation with FP, I would have no evidence, prima facie or otherwise, that FP’s superiors in San Jose had a questionable agenda regarding me. Therefore, I am glad that I recorded what she said about the San Jose District Office regarding my records and their procedural policies. As I have said elsewhere, a liar warrants recording and so do the corrupt. FP’s superiors in San Jose fit into both categories. I tried to get my records from San Jose and San Jose said not, go through Modesto. San Jose’s transferring my records to Modesto, transformed FP into their mouthpiece. Thereby, FP got transformed into the proverbial “piano-player in a brothel.” Although a nice lady, I was forced to treat her as though she was as corrupt as her San Jose superiors.
21 I guess this means that I have her fingerprints too. (But that’s a point that only a person with two scoops of crazy would think about) Maybe I’ll buy some dusting powder and obtain further proof that she sent me the letter. (If anyone out there knows how I could use this supplemental evidence, clue me in)
22 I would not post said address were it current. For my cause célèbre, I do have the morals (or “immorals”) to make an undisclosed recording of an important conversation and post a transcript thereof on a website for all the world to see. (Such is the game of cutthroat scorched-earth hardball. Anything goes, I sadly found out. And so, along the way, I added undisclosed recordings to my quiver) All in all, FP is/was likeable. This is pretty much evident in the attached transcript, but it was reflected in her personal demeanor as well. Given her job, she couldn’t have been nicer. Regardless, come to think of it, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.


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