Letter to FTB/Sacramento-Collection Bureau

This is a letter that I wrote to Roger Lubiens of the Collection Bureau of the Franchise Tax Board regarding my disclosed recorded telephone call to and discussion with him on January 6, 1994 (copy of transcribed conversation attached hereto as a pdf file). I did not include all 406 pages of attachments to the letter. However, most if not all of said documents comprising those attachments can be found at their corresponding dates within the Timeline.


As one can see three quarters of the way down on Page Two of the subject letter, I managed to include into the conversation my credo, as it were, as follows:


                                                      I have not filed an income tax return for 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992,

                                                                         and I don’t intend to file one for 1993 as well.


And as one can also see from Mr. Lubiens’ remarks immediately after my statement or “declaration,” such as it was, he totally ignores what I just said to him. It is inherent and intrinsic in his demeanor that he knows exactly who I am after having heard my name at the beginning of the conversation.1


As to why I didn’t mention the year 1991 as another year in the pack of years past that I failed and refused to file income tax returns and failed and refused to pay income taxes, it is because the IRS and/or the FTB filed one for me. This is part of the subject conversation with Mr. Lubiens. So, why didn’t the FTB pay my taxes too? Well, someone may have or I wouldn’t be getting away with this shit, would I? Incredible as seems, here we are more than  twenty years hence and I still haven’t filed one tax return nor paid a penny in taxes, yet the FTB (and IRS) is (are) nowhere to be found in my life. I must be a special guy with a special case to be anonymous and incognito. Somewhere within Berberian Mystery Theatre, the answer(s) as to why the foregoing can surly be found. Not necessarily by me, as I have too much other stuff on my plate right now to be concerned with that silly fickle FTB (and IRS).



1. Well, not necessarily. Maybe he hears such statements from other tax “non-payers” all the time. Yeah, right. Or maybe I’m just another crackpot to him. Who cares. The fact that I virtually never heard from him or the FTB after this call, says it all.

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