The “Pretend Filing”

This is correspondence from Larry Drivon to me leading me to believe that he has sent to the court for filing his December 5, 1984 letter of intent to withdraw as my trial counsel. Later, I would find out that this document was not filed until the day of the hearing regarding Drivon’s withdrawal, which would make the matter of the correspondence sent to me as well as the court, a “pretend filing.”1, 2 The original document itself was not mailed, but rather filed in person by hand on the hearing date (June 20, 1986) by someone I did not know and could not recognize if per chance I were in the clerk’s office at the time that it was being filed. Most likely, it was filed long after I left the courthouse, prior to closing. Or it may have been filed during the time that Larry and I were in the courtroom before Judge Raymond D. Williamson, Jr.3 Whenever it was actually filed on that day, I was not to know at the time.4, 5 There could have been a mole in the clerk’s office facilitating this non-filing/filing shenanigan. (Yes, a “mole.” In the real world, including the “judicial system,” when warranted by big money, big power and big reputations, they do come into existence. It is not just the stuff of movies) Most likely, the filer was one of the Brothers who could be trusted with this commendable righteous duty in a case among cases.6

1 Mark this one down as one of the tricks of the attorney trade. And while I’m on the subject, here’s a trick that everyone in a legal case should know about if a lawyer is involved. Sometimes a lawyer will file an original document (that the judge involved will consider) and have certain words or sentences changed for some strategic illicit purpose on a conformed copy that the lawyer will either give to his or her client or keep in his file in case the client fires him or her and takes the file with them. This is why it is good that I obtained a copy of my entire San Francisco County Superior Court case-file, each document certified, from the court clerk. Can’t say that this type of changeroo happened in my case. In fact, I conjured this trick up myself just now. Point being, that if I can dream up such a scheme, it is certain that some slimy lawyer somewhere can and has as well, executing the shenanigan with the conscience and moral character that almost every barrister who wants to reach the top must have.
2 This phony correspondence shenanigan, in my opinion, constitutes mail fraud. “In the United States, ‘mail fraud’ is any fraudulent scheme to intentionally deprive another of property or honest services via the mail. It has been a federal crime since 1872.”
3The court does have an accounting of the documents filed in my case which lists the dates and times  (down to the minute) that the various documents were filed. It is called the Automated Court Information System-Register List. However, the list in my case has a curious gap in its body. News flash! The exact five-year time span during which Larry Drivon was my lawyer is missing. I think this means that someone was covering their tracks. But don’t listen to me, I’m crazy that way. (See Timeline at 08/30/83, “Case File,” pdf/pp. 2-3)
4 However, now I know. And so do you. But you’re not supposed to know. The tricks of the attorney trade in big cases are secrets kept close to the vest in nasty incestuous ways by The Brotherhood.
5 Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.-“Sir Walter, you are spot on.” They say that lies cost a lot to maintain. But the truth is free. You will find a lot of truth at Berberian Mystery Theatre. You will also find the truth about the lies riddled throughout Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank which were not maintained as well as they should have been. A crazy person with an average I.Q. figured out and is displaying way too many of those lies for the entire world wide web to see. I have to add that were someone with an intelligence quotient 20 points higher than mine were studying and analyzing this matter and posting his or her thoughts and conclusions to Berberian Mystery Theatre, the Brothers involved would have no choice but to go kill themselves. And if a lawyer with average intelligence were to get involved with said analysis, the judges who sat on the case in tacit collusion by looking the other way with a wink and a nod, would have to off themselves as well. Either that or spend some hard time in a federal prison. (I’d make a federal case out of the matter) Now, Arnold A. Sheuerman, M.D. (psychiatrist-Stockton, California), were he still alive and kicking, would need a headshrinker himself.
6 For a more in-depth lookiloo into the tricks of the attorney trade exemplified by this correspondence and the subject document, see “Supplemental Exhibit” in the Timeline at June 20, 1986.

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