Opposition to Motion

As an in pro per, I file a Declaration opposing Larry Drivon’s withdrawal as my trial lawyer. The Declaration was prepared by Robert R. Elledge,a highly-respected attorney in Modesto, California.1, 2, 3

1 As one can see, the only exhibit/attachment in my opposing papers is the July 8, 1983 contractual agreement between Larry Drivon and me for Larry to act as my trial lawyer. Such skimpy documentary support in opposition to Drivon’s withdrawal paved the way for Larry to make a clean get-away. Brother Elledge, who had access to all of my files, intentionally ignored and neglected to file Brother Drivon’s letter of intent to withdraw as my trial counsel, which was the most damning document of all. Said letter would have provided the strongest evidence and reason for the Judge to restrain Larry from abandoning my case. And Elledge was well-aware of and acquainted with Brother Drivon’s letter to me, for he read it in his office during my meeting with him in the matter, making notations thereon. Brother Elledge was a fine co-conspirator. (For a more in-depth look at this “hidden agenda-laced” Brotherhood-coordinated Court-supported trick of the judicial/justice trade, see Timeline at 06/20/86, “Supplemental Exhibit”)
2 It is a crying shame that back in the day when I could have caused a legal earthquake with the knowledge, I didn’t zero in on the fact that Larry Drivon had not served the lawsuit on the main Defendant in the case, my uncle, Haig Berberian. With a silent wink and a nod to Brother Drivon, Brother Elledge didn’t notice the most glaring fact about my legal matter and advise me of such, much less put it in my moving papers. The entire lot of 1200 other Brothers that I solicited thereafter didn’t notice it either. I must be crazy to think such a thing could happen ethically, legally, and judicially. Regarding the latter, every single judge who ruled in my case didn’t notice that the most important Defendant was a nominal one, never summoned to court, and nowhere to be found. Damn them all and I’ll be damned.
3 Mr. Elledge is since deceased (02/16/96).

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