Notice of Death-Haig Berberian

Haig Berberian’s attorneys advise Larry Drivon that Haig Berberian has died, despite the fact that they knew that Larry had not been my Attorney of Record for over a year. One of Haig’s lawyers was at the June 20, 1986 hearing wherein, with a wink and a nod, Larry received his congé from the Judge, thereby separating Larry from his legal duty to me. Little did anyone know (at the time, myself included) that the product of that deceit-laden hearing would give birth to an honest-to-goodness truth-seeking new web-weaving which would eventually envelop and expose that which came before it. Yes, the players spawned and bred something far worse for the future of their incestuous Brotherhood than that which they thought they were ending on June 20, 1986.

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