Letter to Larry Drivon

This is a letter from me to Larry Drivon wherein I advise him of something that he probably already knows. That is, as a former trust officer-lawyer for Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco around the time that my trust account (a 5% partnership interest in “Haig Berberian” vis-à-vis Well Fargo Bank) was being established there and sometime thereafter, Judge Raymond Daniel Williamson, Jr. had a conflict of interest and should have recused himself from my case.1 Of course, Larry did not help me contest the judgment as I ask in my letter. And ultimately I did nothing about the matter because I was afraid to do so. This was the first time that I saw for myself and thoroughly believed that a conspiracy actually exists and “the bad guys” are not just a figment of my overwrought imagination. The revelation scared me.


The first operative thing that I did as an in pro per was to check out the smell that I smelled at the June 20, 1986 hearing, because, upon reflection, to me, it did not pass the smell test. Intuition spoke to me (in addition to my proboscis). I went to the law library in Modesto and looked up the Judge’s profile. And, in my opinion then and now, the Judge should have removed his “honorableness” from my case.2 He knew that he had worked for the crooked bank at a time that was relevant to my legal case, the trust’s inception. And if I can figure out that Wells Fargo Bank was and is corrupt, debased, and a fraudulent Trustee,3 especially in its early days when merging with American Trust Co. and my trust account was being created, then the Judge knew. Hey, I’m not smarter than the Judge.4 (Just more honorable, if I do say so myself)5 The question is, how much did the Judge know about my family’s screwing back in the early 60’s when my trust fund was being created and Haig Berberian was one of the bank’s largest and most important customers. Oh, I forgot–Since the judge was bestowed with “Honorable” and is adorned with the robe, the former lawyer is now hallowed, and only honest judgments can then emanate from his consecrated courtroom. So, never mind.6, 7

1 I believe that I have a potential suit against the governing body of the California judicial system, namely, the Judicial Council of California. They deserve to be sued for damages amounting to that which was stolen from me by Haig Berberian, aided and abetted by his co-conspirator, Wells Fargo Bank, the Trustee of my trust account, and also aided and abetted by the vile, nauseating, psychopathic pig with continuously-batting blinking eyes, Peter B. Jeppson, the crooked accountant for Haig Berberian. The audacity, gall and temerity, all rolled into one, to make such a comment comes easy to me because I did every last single thing in the world that I could physically, emotionally, spiritually, and legally do within the so-called “justice system,” to right the wrongs committed by these criminals. I have given it my all for three decades. Perhaps I deserve legal and financial “reparations.” My reasoning?-The purposeful judicial misbehavior and fraudulent judicial behavior, both present in my case. To say that the justice and judicial systems did not have my back is an understatement. The intentional destruction of my legal right to exact restitution for the crimes of the aforementioned, seconded years later by fraud and deceit at the hands of those handling my father’s matter (my father also being a fraudulent deceitful character in the cast), in my book (or at least in this exposé), cannot go unatoned. My legal case was shot through the heart, from the beginning of my father’s matter, to the institutionalizing (not!) of my matter and through to its end, and then up until this day, more than thirty agonizing years hence. There is something in the law called a “continuing wrong.” And such law, the Continuing Wrong Doctrine, is personified in the issues that I have been addressing throughout this website. (Strictly in my legal case, the documents filed in San Francisco County Superior Court imply “continuing wrong” throughout, though Larry Drivon never mentioned the doctrine in those documents nor to me. I would find out about it on my own years later) Let us keep in mind, never to forget, that my lawyers knew nothing at all (not a speck, nor a smidgen, not a smattering, nor a jot or a tittle) about what my father and his lawyers were doing and had done that screwed up the case that my lawyers were handling on my behalf. My barrister/esquires had no clue. In fact, this is such a truism, that I believe another Book of the Bible should be written about it. Or perhaps the 11th Commandment should say: “Thou shalt not doubt Richard’s lawyers.” Maybe a new Right in the Bill thereof: “No person shall be denied the right to believe anyone that he or she so chooses about Richard’s lawsuit-except Richard.” On our money: “In Richard’s Lawyers We Trust.” If any of you conspirators out there are watching (and this includes you too down there, Doctor), you are looking into a mirror, a hidden camera behind it, recording your expression. This matter is not going away. (Attached hereto, see Berberian Mystery Theatre)


2 Of course, the assumption in these words is that the Judge on this case was not self-chosen (judges lining up to do these lucrative favors) and he was not specifically selected by one or the other if not both sides working in tandum (“opposing counsel” non-existent in this case), to hear this particular motion. Yes, such things can be manipulated. Exposing the judicial and “justice system” for this type of thing, namely, conspiracy and collusion, is one of the purposes of Berberian Mystery Theatre.
3 The reason I can call Wells Fargo Bank a crooked bank in the present tense is because, when my lawsuit brought to their attention the crimes that they committed in conspiracy with Haig Berberian back in the day, they did nothing except deny the facts of the matter, continued their collusion with “Haig Berberian,” and did not make amends in any way, shape or form. Therefore, they reaffirmed and defined themselves as crooked, fraudulent, deceitful, and conspirators with Haig Berberian, in order to help the latter enrich himself and his family to the detriment and at the expense of my lawfully-based trust account. There is a “continuing wrong” going on here and Wells Fargo Bank is right smack dab in the middle of it. 
4 Keep in mind that the Judge would be as smart as me (as if there’s a question), and more so in figuring out that no Original Summons was filed in my case and thus my suit was not properly instituted and therefore, theoretically, not instituted at all, at least at the outset of my case or non-case as the case may be. The Judge would also be as smart as me (in fact, of course, more so) in figuring out that my uncle, Haig Berberian, Defendant, was not served with papers initially (Original Summons or no Original Summons) nor at any time thereafter (there being no Notice & Acknowledgment of Receipt, no proof of service regarding said [non]service in the court-file signed by a process server or sheriff, nor the legally-required Answer within thirty days to a summons served), and that my uncle was not even aware that I had sued him (not!). I figured these things out lately. The Judge would have known about this fraud and deceit a quarter of a century before me. (This holds true for the other judges who ruled on different motions in my case) The Judge knew that Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank was “different,” in fact, “bizarre,” manifestly so, on the first day that he reviewed the case-file. And in that regard, he looked the other way. (“Come-hither,” it said, and the Judge partook.–The hidden agenda was making eyes at him)
5 Famed attorney, Vincent Bugliosi, said it best: The appointment of judges to the bench has always been part and parcel of the political spoils or patronage system. And that appointment is, to a great extent, the result of one’s political activity. Either the appointee has personally labored long and hard in the political vineyards or he is the favored friend of one who has. People have an understandably negative view of politicians and an equally negative view of lawyers. Conventional logic would seem to dictate that since a judge is normally both a politician and a lawyer, judges would be perceived as being lower than whale waste. But on the contrary, the mere investiture of a twenty-five dollar black cotton robe elevates the denigrated lawyer-politician to a position of considerable honor and respect, as if the garment itself miraculously imbues the wearer with qualities not previously possessed. In almost all forms of popular entertainment, judges are nearly always depicted as learned men and women of stature and solemnity, as impartial as sunlight. Sadly, this depiction more often than not, defies reality. In my case, the judges are no exception. Find me an honest judge in Berberian v. Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank and I will admittedly and gladly stand corrected. That said, all you have to do is ask any “Your Honor” associated with my case if Haig Berberian was served with my lawsuit and therefore aware of same. And then ask him or her to produce the Original Summons from the court-file and a proof of service thereof or alternatively a Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt signed by Haig Berberian. In fact, ask the judge to produce evidence of any kind whatsoever, acknowledged or not, that implies, intimates, hints, signals, signifies, suggests, and/or conveys the impression that Haig Berberian had one clue about the existence my lawsuit.-Game over. Stop. Go home. (And strip him or her of his/her judgeship) End of story.
6 I am fully aware that there are tons of people out there who believe as I do that they were screwed by the “justice system.” The list is fifty-thousand feet long. But there are not that many people who have been screwed by the “judicial system.” There is a difference. Complaints about the “justice system” usually boil down to having been unable to afford the best counsel. The “judicial system” pertains less to counsel and more to the judges involved in any given case. Though I have a lot to complain about my counsel and the justice system (see Berberian Mystery Theatre), the egregiousness of the men in black robes looking the other way when there is no Original Summons on file, no Notice & Acknowledgment of Receipt by mail of said summons signed by the main Defendant (or any others), filed and in the file, no proof of service signed by a process server or sheriff indicating that the main Defendant was served personally by hand and therefore no Answer to a summons served (required within thirty days thereof), and in fact, no documents filed in response to the initial complaint until the following year, four and a half months later (and still no Answer of any kind to the phantom Original Summons nor a formal Answer to the original complaint), and therefore most importantly, no indication whatsoever in the court file that the primary Defendant is even aware that he has been sued, is “unprecedented ” (emphasis added). And this is a vital reason why my fictitious case is so factually unavailable, the truth about it unknown, to anyone not in The Brotherhood. And I, the Plaintiff, am not in The Brotherhood and therefore, not in the loop of my own lawsuit. Those in the loop of this case are presently in hiding, peeking out once in a while from deep down within the bowels of their underground legal bunker, to make sure that it is, and they are, secure. Of course, I believe that several of these conspirators (meaning more than one, legally-speaking), in one way or another, watch what I do continuously (the very least being the monitoring of this website and what it exposes), because they know that I’ve got their names and numbers regardless of their fix. (Do I think that they peek in my windows at night? I’ll never tell) 
7 Despite all of the negativity that I spew out in this exposé, I have an abiding deeply-engrained confidence if not “religious belief” that the law and life in general can not let the travesty and injustice to which I speak, stand. Justice will prevail somehow, some place, somewhere in time.

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