Amendment to the Second Amended Complaint

This document introduces into the case and names Wells Fargo Bank as a Defendant and Co-Conspirator with Haig Berberian.1

1 Why it took so long to name Wells Fargo Bank as a defendant in my legal case has always been a curiosity to me. Fraud and deceit by Wells Fargo Bank, the Trustee of my trust, is/was the basis on which I could sue not only the bank, but Haig Berberian as a co-conspirator. I could not sue Haig Berberian otherwise. Yet, the order of their being named is reversed, the bank being named in the suit a year after the institution of the suit naming Haig. In fact, my whole case is/was angled at Haig Berberian who would have been the main target of any lawsuit filed by my father on virtually identical grounds as my case against Haig Berberian in conspiracy with Wells Fargo Bank. Answers to these curious irregularities and aberrations in my lawsuit are secluded sequestered secret “skeletons in the closet,” held by each and every player in the loop. Unfortunately for me (“merely” party-plaintiff in the subject litigation), I was not allowed into and included in the loop of my own lawsuit.

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