Comes now, Richard Berberian, with Berberian Mystery Theatre. This is a website/exposé revolving around the legal case filed in San Francisco County Superior Court: Richard Berberian v. Haig Berberian & Wells Fargo Bank. I am not first duly sworn upon oath, but I swear by the story notwithstanding. […]

This is the Trust Agreement between Wells Fargo Bankand my parents, Vasken and Rose Berberian. Vasken and Rose were the Grantors. Wells Fargo Bank was the Trustee. And I was the Beneficiary. My parents erroneously believed that the bank could be trusted.1 This document was the foundation for […]

In this letter, my business attorney, Rudy V. Bilawski of Neumiller & Beardslee, refers me to Laurence E. Drivon, a trial lawyer with Belli, Drivon & Bakerink,1 both firms located in Stockton, California. This letter contains background information about my legal case as well as that of my […]

This is the agreement between me and Larry Drivon wherein Drivon will represent me in my case against my uncle, Haig Berberian, and Co-Defendant/Co-Conspirator, Wells Fargo Bank. Rudy Bilawski was present and participated in the discussion leading up to my signing the agreement.1 However, Bilawski was not a […]

Various correspondence leading up to the filing of my lawsuit on August 30, 1983.

This is the entire case-file on record at the San Francisco County Superior Court Clerk’s Office regarding my lawsuit against my uncle, Haig Berberian (since deceased), and the trustee of my erstwhile trust, Wells Fargo Bank-San Francisco. When I was making photocopies of the documents to post on […]

Haig Berberian’s lawyers file Haig Berberian’s Answer to my Second Amended Complaint, mysteriously raising res judicata as his 13th Affirmative Defense on Friday the 13th of July 1984.1, 2, 3 1 Res judicata is Latin for “a thing adjudged.” Common synonyms for this doctrine are accommodated, adjudication, adjusted, […]

This document introduces into the case and names Wells Fargo Bank as a Defendant and Co-Conspirator with Haig Berberian.1   1 Why it took so long to name Wells Fargo Bank as a defendant in my legal case has always been a curiosity to me. Fraud and deceit […]

What we have here is a business attorney, Rudy Bilawski of Neumiller & Beardslee in Stockton, who takes “one week of vacation time”1 to do some trial work and then complains that trial work is not his forté and essentially wants out of the case. A couple of […]

The Proof of Service is filed regarding the service by mail on the interested parties of the Amendment to the Second Amended Complaint naming Wells Fargo Bank as a Defendant and Co-Conspirator1, 2 with Haig Berberian.3 1 It should be noted that there is no generic Proof of […]

Ruediger V. Bilawski says, “auf wiedersehen,”1 and while doing so, he decides to make Arnold A. Sheuerman, Jr., M.D., my (then erstwhile) psychiatrist, part of the case.2, 3 1 Rudy Bilawski’s cover letter to the September 13, 1984 Interrogatories assembled by him (accessible from the Timeline at that […]

This is the Last Will of Haig Berberian.1   1 Curiously, the will was signed on the same day that Rudy Bilawski dated and signed his September 28, 1984 letter to me withdrawing from my case. Four years later to the day, on September 28, 1988, Terry Snyder […]

This is Larry Drivon’s certified letter of intent to withdraw as my trial lawyer.1, 2 1 Larry actually ended up remaining on my case for an additional eighteen months. I believe that his “tactical” extended stay was a result of the unexpected death of my father, Vasken G. […]

  This is the Certificate of Death of my father who died suddenly and unexpectedly.1 I believe that his death affected the course of events in my litigation not the least of which was an extension of Larry Drivon’s stay on my legal case. Of course, such a […]

This is a letter from me to Larry Drivon wherein I advise him that I will not sign a Substitution of Attorney converting me into an “in pro per” (acting as my own attorney).1 I advise him as to the reasons why, all of which boil down to […]

Larry Drivon files his Motion to Withdraw as my Attorney of Record. Therein he goes public with a personal and confidential letter that I had written to him. When I confronted him about this, he stated that the letter was “part of the case.”1, 2 Regarding one point […]

This is correspondence from Larry Drivon to me leading me to believe that he has sent to the court for filing his December 5, 1984 letter of intent to withdraw as my trial counsel. Later, I would find out that this document was not filed until the day […]

As an in pro per, I file a Declaration opposing Larry Drivon’s withdrawal as my trial lawyer. The Declaration was prepared by Robert R. Elledge,a highly-respected attorney in Modesto, California.1, 2, 3 1 As one can see, the only exhibit/attachment in my opposing papers is the July 8, […]

Larry Drivon files a Supplemental Exhibit, his December 5, 1984 Letter of Intent to Withdraw, sometime during the day of the formal hearing in the matter.1 Judge Raymond D. Williamson, Jr. has an 8:30am calendar thereby enabling Larry to scamper away, without said letter in the file and […]

This is a letter from me to Larry Drivon wherein I advise him of something that he probably already knows. That is, as a former trust officer-lawyer for Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco around the time that my trust account (a 5% partnership interest in “Haig Berberian” […]

This is a short biography of the former Wells Fargo Bank-San Francisco Trust Officer/Lawyer Judge who allowed Larry Drivon to take leave of my legal case. Click here to view the Order

Haig Berberian’s attorneys advise Larry Drivon that Haig Berberian has died, despite the fact that they knew that Larry had not been my Attorney of Record for over a year. One of Haig’s lawyers was at the June 20, 1986 hearing wherein, with a wink and a nod, […]

The attached pdf file contains correspondence between me and the Law Firm of Lillick, McHose and Charles in San Francisco, the only law firm which took more than just a passing glance at my case file(s) after both my business and trial attorney withdrew their representation.1   During […]

This is a letter from me to Rudy Bilawski. It was a long time coming. Rudy and his fraternal Brethren had no clue that it would spawn from their behavior, never fathomed its coming into existenc.1 I had given them enough rope with my legal and personal naïveté […]

If you look at Rudy Bilawski’s response letter (to that of mine dated April 26, 1988), its main thrust is that he was not secretive nor was there, to his knowledge, any hidden agenda involved in my or my father’s legal matter. I will officially go on record […]

The parenthesized paragraph at the beginning of the letter implies that Rudy Bilawski could act on a legal matter outside of his role as a partner in Neumiller & Beardslee. If you look closely at the letterhead of his May 17, 1988 letter to me (at 05/17/88 on […]

Four years to the day after Haig Berberian signed his Last Will, Terry Snyder, my successor attorney to Larry Drivon, decides to introduce into my San Francisco Superior Court case record, some of Haig Berberian’s Stanislaus County Superior Court probate files, most notably his September 28, 1984 Last […]

Ellen Hawkes wrote a book in the early 1990’s about the lawsuit getting national headlines at the time regarding the Gallo family and the Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery in Modesto, California. I purchased and read her book titled, “Blood & Wine.” Between the book, newspaper articles and […]

This is a letter that I wrote to Roger Lubiens of the Collection Bureau of the Franchise Tax Board regarding my telephone call to and discussion with him on January 6, 1994 (copy of transcript attached herein as a pdf file). I did not include all 406 pages […]

  This is a transcription of an undisclosed recording that I made of a discussion between me and two employees of the Modesto office of the Internal Revenue Service, one of which is (or was at the time) the head honcho there.1   As a matter of background, […]

This is a letter that I wrote to Susan Leon, Chief of the Examination Branch of the IRS in Fresno (courtesy-copying nineteen of her colleagues throughout the state).1 The letter is irreverent, but I also poke fun at myself. I guess one could say that it’s facetious and […]

Do you feel guilty about this undisclosed recording and the posting of its transcript? All things considered, no. But it makes you look terrible. Let’s see. How can I word this. I need to take a course in phraseology. Let me put my thinking cap on…Got it: I […]